In some cases, parents report their child’s reading proficiency increased by four levels, after receiving free books.

According to the Children’s Defense Fund, “Recent data shows the majority of public-school students cannot read or compute at grade level, and poor and low-income children and children of color are particularly behind.”

Arizona and New York 4th graders reading achievement levels are below 225.  The NAEP Reading scale ranges from 0 to 500.  “Children who valued choosing their own books subsequently developed elaborate strategies for selecting books and reported being more intrinsically motivated readers”.


      • when read together, parent and child create connections
      • help children develop basic language skills and expand their vocabulary
      • are inspirational, help children to think and prompt new ideas
      • of art and literature; pictures of animals and objects, help stimulate a child’s sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste
      • inform and motivate children about the world they will eventually explore
      • allows children to learn about other people, their countries, and customs
      • introduces children to Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)

Read what children are saying about the importance of growing up with a home library.



9th grade

Home libraries are important because you can read the books any time you want. For example, on a rainy day instead of having to go to a public library to look for books, stay in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the books in your home library. There are also a wide variety of books to choose from, like mystery books all the way to comic books. In your home library you have the freedom to select any book you like or continue to read one genre. Lastly, having an in home library opens up your mind and transports you into the life of someone else.



9th grade

I believe that home libraries are such a critical part of young children’s education because it really is the first steps of independence. When you’re young picking out a book is such an example of freedom because you can read it, and not have to rely on others to read it for you. Home libraries also offer children escapes from life at home, where because it may be boring or just hard reading is a way to transport yourself to different worlds, anyone you can imagine.



7th grade

Home libraries are a necessity for your house. If you have a home library you will never need new entertainment in your house again! Books can be read at anytime, and you don’t need anything except a light! In 2015, scientists conducted a study, and their studies showed that the average number of book that 25 to 65 year olds had in their homes when they were 16 was 115! Although the numbers did vary, some were higher, and some were lower, the scientists tested them on their literature skills, and the higher the number of books they said, the higher their scores were on the test. By conducting this study, the scientists proved that having books in your house when you are at a younger age can improve your reading, writing, spelling, and other literature skills by a lot!

Kai (2)


7th grade

I think everyone should have a home library because though you may have a different liking of books than someone else, it’s your imagination. That saying, books can expand your imagination, knowledge, vocabulary, and much more. But that’s not the only good thing about reading!! Reading can be a very fun hobby. For example, you can start or join a book club and talk to others about books that you like or found interesting.

More about the importance of home libraries…

Growing up a child in Bronx, New York, my parents believed any and all information could be found in a book. One of my favorite memories was the excitement I had obtaining my first library card at the age of nine (9). The number of books that could be checked out at a time was six (6).

I searched for over an hour to get books that piqued my interest. I day dreamed while my books were being manually checked out. I knew there was going to be hours of, new adventures, places I’ve never been, girls that had lives much different than mine and most of all vocabulary building that was the family claim to fame.

In our fourth floor apartment, a building of 28 apartments there was a host of young families like ours consisting of several young children. Each school night there was always homework and to my amazement our family was the only one that had a set of encyclopedias.

I learned later that my mother purchased these books with money saved for a “rainy day”. Suffice it to say our encyclopedias belonged to our building. As children, whenever there were words or subjects not known or needed clarity, my parents typical expression was “look it up”.

Participation with Gift Children’s Books, is an opportunity to afford children in Phoenix and Harlem, access to new adventures, enhanced vocabulary and developing a desire to increase love of learning via their own personal Home Library.

There is much to be said about literacy skills in the technological world in which we live. The ability to obtain information with the click of a mouse, is only as good as access to internet service, Wi-Fi , computer etc.  A book in your Home Library is accessible when you reach for it, get comfortable and read.

Your membership in Grassroots Literacy enables GCB’s an opportunity to provide books to the many children who need them the most.

Nefretari Salahdeen