Our Founder

Some memories remain fresh, particularly, the lack of books.  I relate to children who want but need help acquiring personal books.  As a child, at the neighborhood library, I read the Dick and Jane books and others but yearned for my own little library.  Decades later, I founded Gift Children Books, Inc.; working passionately to ensure children have personal books.

At our annual book fairs, I wish you could see the delighted faces of children, when they learn that the books are for them, to take home and enjoy.  As a child without her own books, their joy of selecting personal books is joy for me, as well.

Research reveals that children who live with books have lifetime benefits as it relates to cognitive, numerical, and problem solving skills.  On the Why Home Libraries page are personal accounts of how/why books impact lives of children.

Your membership in Grassroots Literacy will sustain GCB and remove barriers to literacy for many families. Thank you for your consideration.

We work with individuals, businesses, and other nonprofits that serve families who need books for their children.

Our Sponsors:

The Pyatt Family

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Gift Children Books

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